Abu Dhabi Mosque and Louvre Museum with lunch from Dubai

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Abu Dhabi Mosque and Louvre Museum with lunch from Dubai

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Abu Dhabi is an Island, and its name translates into: “Father of the Gazelle”. Your first stop will be at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the largest and most beautiful Mosques in the world; able to accommodate an impressive number of over 30,000 worshipers.After this moving experience, you will continue the tour towards the YAS island and its Red Ferrari largest covered park and you’ll stop at the YAS MALL, the biggest mall in Abu Dhabi. You will have your lunch break here before continuing the tour.The remaining part of the tour will be devoted to a drive through the famous giant Saadiyat Island project where the Louvre ( just opened) and Guggenheim (still under construction) museums are to complete the image of Abu Dhabi as a cultural Arab capital. Your guide will drop you in the Louvre museum, for a full visit before he picks you up 2 hours later. At the end of the afternoon, you will head up back to Dubai passing again through the YAS island before you reach Dubai after approximately 1h30.

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