Atomium & Design Museum Brussels entrance tickets

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Atomium & Design Museum Brussels entrance tickets

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Discover the Atomium which is today a unique and iconic creation in the history of architecture and the most popular tourist attraction of Europe’s Capital. The Atomium was constructed for 1958 for Brussels World’s Fair (Expo 58). It represents an iron crystal structure of 9 atoms and is symbolic of the peaceful use of nuclear energy. During your visit, discover different parts such as the museum, the exhibition space, and the viewing platform. An elevator in the inner tube leads to the topmost sphere, from where you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view over Brussels and learn all about the Atomium’s history in the museums.Located just a stone’s throw from the Atomium, enjoy your free pass to explore the Design Museum Brussels (DMB). Explore a space featuring a unique collection of 2,000 plastic objects, built up between 1960 and 2000.

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