Skip-the-line tickets to Palais du Tau in Reims

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Skip-the-line tickets to Palais du Tau in Reims

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With this skip-the-line entrance, you will discover the Palais du Tau, a former residence of the bishops of Reims which has been closely linked to the History of France over the centuries. Founded in the late 4th century, it is a mediaeval palace with the appearance of a fortified house. The monument became known as the Palace of Tau in 1138. The name refers to the Greek letter “Tau”, reflecting the property’s T-shaped layout.The Palace was the residence of the Kings of France before their coronation in Notre-Dame de Reims known also as “Our Lady of Reims”. Today and since 1972, the Palais du Tau is the museum of the work of the adjoining cathedral. The most precious artefacts in the treasury are the remains of the Holy Ampulla, used since the baptism of Clovis in the 5th century, and the 9th-century Talisman of Charlemagne. The Palais du Tau houses original sculptures, a treasure-trove, a part of the cathedral’s tapestry collections and a 13th century chapel, as well as temporary exhibitions during the Christmas holiday period.

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