Valley of Fire and Zion Park tour from Las Vegas

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Valley of Fire and Zion Park tour from Las Vegas

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Launch your exploration of Valley of Fire and Zion Park with this complete one-day tour from Las Vegas!You’ll start the day heading north into Zion Park, a place that got its name from the Mormons who settled in the area because they claim that visiting the park is like a religious experience. Tour the park and enjoy a short walking trail along the Virgin River that runs through the park.Next, enjoy a lunch break and then visit the Valley of Fire, Nevada’s first and most scenic state park. Named for its magnificent red sandstone formations, the Valley of Fire was created from shifting sands and dunes during the age of the dinosaurs more than 150 million years ago. Your visit is timed to be able to see the appearance of the valley being on “fire” when reflecting the sun’s powerful rays into the valley (weather permitting).

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