Volcano hat trick day tour

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Volcano hat trick day tour

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The name of the volcano Hekla means “the hooded one” as its summit is often wrapped in a cloud. Instead of a typical cone-shape, it is made up of a series of snow-capped ridges. It is nearly 1500m to the summit of the highest ridge.
The excursion takes you to Kerið crater as well as Stóra Eldborg volcano. This tour invites nature, Geology, and history lovers to an enchanting date leaving memories to last a lifetime. Having equal mix of stunning views and off road drive you will enjoy every minute to its best.
Volcano Superjeep tour highlights:
– Volcano crater
– Kerid Volcano crater , entrance included
– Waterfalls
– Hekla volcano
– Black sandy beaches
– Krisuvíkurbjarg bird cliff
– Stóra Eldborg volcano
– Lake Kleifarvatn
– Lava fields

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