Walking tour from the Kremlin to Zaryadye in Moscow

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Walking tour from the Kremlin to Zaryadye in Moscow

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Your tour will begin in the heart of Moscow on Red Square.Your guide will talk about the construction of the Kremlin and how Red Square has become what everyone knows now. You will see St. Basil’s Church and find out why Ivan the Terrible ordered to blind his architects. On the way to Zaryadye Park, you will see Kitay-Gorod, one of the central areas of Moscow. The guide will tell you not only about what was here before, but also destroy the stereotype that the name of this area is related to China. The final point of your route will be Zaryadye, a modern leisure park, which is loved not only by tourists, but also by local residents.The walk will end in a very picturesque way: the guide will take you to the Soaring Bridge, from where you will have a panoramic view of the Kremlin. Bring your cameras, because this moment will have to be captured.Please be aware that this tour has different pricing according to the language you choose. Russian has reductions for Children (0-15 years), whereas the tour with an English speaking guide is private, has a minimum of 3 participants and no reductions.

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