Wandkaart Azië, politiek, 84 x 96 cm | National Geographic

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Wandkaart Azië, politiek, 84 x 96 cm | National Geographic

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Mooie wandkaart van Azië, staatkundig, met rustig kleurgebruik en helder kaartbeeld, Ondanks het wat kleiner formaat staan er toch heel wat topografische details op vermeld.
The map presents Asia at 1: 13,8120,000. Coverage includes the whole of the European part of Russia, extending up to the North Pole. In the south-east the island of New Guinea and the Bismarck Archipelago are shown as an inset. The base map has relief shading to show the continent’s topography, with additional graphics indicating deserts, swamps, glaciers, etc. The map shows the names of the numerous geographic features such as mountain ranges, deserts, peaks etc. Heights are given in feet.
Country boundaries are in different colours and, where appropriate, disputed boundaries and territotial claims are marked. All place names are in English, except for some cities such as Bukhara, where the original name is shown first (Buxoro) with the English equivalent in brackets.

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